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Media International, an identity

Nepal has gone through many political transformations and revolutions. With the sacrifice of many lives now we have achieved democracy. Common people are now independent and sovereign. Despite of this Nepal is economically poor. Nepal is rich in natural resources and is proud to be known as the country of World’s highest peak Mount Everest, nation of Gautam Buddha and a beautiful land for tourists. Our identity is not limited to this and we have much potential and possibilities. We are rich in herbs but we are trading them at cheap prices. Further, agriculture has a huge scope in Nepal. Hydropower is another important sector in Nepal which can lead us to prosperity. Moreover, Nepal is also quite rich in terms of minerals and mines. Despite of these we are complaining that there is lack of resources and exporting our skilled human resource abroad. In order to solve the problems related to brain drain and related economic issues Media International has been established.


We have been established since 2012 with the objective of enhancing industrial development, employment opportunities, motivating entrepreneurship, financial literacy on the nation. We aim to collaborate with the government, political parties, businesses as well as common people to fulfil the objective of economic prosperity. We aim to promote economic agenda in political parties. Further, we are creating a sound ecosystem for businesses to attract foreign direct investments. Mere requests for investment are not enough to convince the investors. Due to insecurity and unfavourable environment a situation of capital flight has arisen in Nepal. We believe that the government should come up with policies and implement them in order to monitor capital flights. In order to create a stable environment for all the businesses we have been carryout extensive discussions about the economy. We are determined to change the ways news are presented in the media sector of Nepal. For a country to be prosperous all its citizen must be above the poverty line. To attain this objective, Media International has created a platform for economic discussions rather than playing the same old blame game and criticisms.

Message From Chairman

Madhav Nirdosh


Events List

Financial literacy, national campaign begins, ‘Be the owner on your own country’: Governor

Kathmandu, Dec. 4: The three-day Banking Expo under the Financial Awareness National Campaign has concluded in Itahari, Eastern Region. Thousands have visited the Eco Bank Insurance Expo that happened for the first-time outside Kathmandu valley. The information fair had 35 information stalls including Insurance Committee, Youth Self-Employment Fund and Bank Finance and Insurance Company.